Watch, learn and lead – everything you need to know about the 40 Hour Famine Backpack Challenge


Watch our range of videos to get hyped about the Backpack Challenge and see why it's so important. Hear the story of Lilias a young refugee who fled her home in South Sudan. Learn of the global crisis affecting refugees and displaced people around the world, including in South Sudan, Uganda, Syria, Myanmar and Bangladesh.

Believe the Hype

The Challenge

Could you live with nothing but the pack on your back? Say "we're with you" to young refugee and displaced people by joining the 40 Hour Famine Backpack Challenge in 2019.



Last year we met Lilias, a 17 year old who was forced to flee her home with her siblings. As the war rages in South Sudan, Lilias continues her life in Bidi Bidi Settlement, Uganda.


Refugee Crisis

Around the world, 70.8 million people have been forced to flee their homes. That's one person every two seconds - the highest number in recorded history. Together, we can create change.



We meet Sura, a 17-year-old forced to flee violence and her home in Myanmar to reach the safety of Bangladesh. Sura left almost everything behind. This is her story.


Fundraiser resources

Learn how you can take your 40HF Backpack Challenge to the next level! Whether you want to drive team recruitment, achieve legend status with your fundraising, or find out what to pack for the weekend, we’ve got you covered!

9 Steps for Fundraising Success

With this guide, you’re only 9 easy steps away from striking your fundraising goal! 

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Team Leader Planning Guide

Are you a team leader? Follow this simple planning guide to take your team to the top! 

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How-to Guide

Not quite sure how the challenge works? Check out this handy guide before you start packing.

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Raise $150 in a Week

Ready to step up and become a fundraising superstar? Follow our steps to fundraising success.

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Shareable resources

Now that you’ve joined the 40HF Backpack Challenge, we know you’re committed to leading global change. But don’t forget to let everyone else know too! Copy and paste these shareable tiles into your social feeds, or download posters to stick around your school. It's time to tell everyone that you’re standing with young refugees around the world. 

Download all (.zip)
The impact of $25

$25 can help improve access to healthcare for one child and their Mother for one year!

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The impact of $100

$100 can help 23 children access quality education which demonstrates essential and applied life skills and values in their life for one month.

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The impact of $250

$250 can help towards providing access to safe water and teach good hygiene practices to 15 people for one year.

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Join (and tell)

Let everyone know you've joined the challenge.

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Poster | Team Leader

Ready to step up and lead the team? Download this poster and let everyone know.

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Poster | Lilias

Are you with Lilias? Download this poster and let everyone know.

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Poster | Fundraising Goal

Track your team's fundraising progress on this fun poster.

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Teacher resources

Teachers, we want to take the challenge out of organising the 40HF Backpack Challenge at your school. These resources will make it quick and easy to plan, recruit and support your students in leading positive global change.

Teacher Planning Guide

Teachers, we’re here to help! This guide will help you launch and plan the 40HF Backpack Challenge for your school. 

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Weekend Challenge - School Guide

Get students together at your school for an immersive and rewarding challenge weekend.

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Educational resources

Let us help you save classroom planning time! Download these educational resources, designed to align with the Humanities curriculum for students in Years 9 and 10. Use them in class to help build your students’ knowledge of the global issues around refugees, asylum seekers and internally displaced people.

If you would like a PPT version of our educational resources please email

Forced to Flee

Students will learn about the global refugee and displaced persons crisis, what’s causing it, and which areas of the world it’s affecting most. 

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Activity Sheets

Our Activity Sheets create an interactive classroom experience for all. Use to complement the Forced to Flee resource and immerse students in the world of refugees and those fleeing conflict.

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