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About the 40 Hour Famine Backpack Challenge

Join the 40 Hour Famine Backpack Challenge and take a stand for young refugees around the world. You'll unite with thousands of other Australians to lead global change by raising funds for young people who've been forced to flee their homes. Take up the challenge and commit to living out of your backpack with only essentials for 40 hours.

Globally there are 68.5 million refugee and displaced people - and more than half are under 18. By joining the 40HF Backpack Challenge movement, you'll connect with four of these young people and begin to understand what it's like to leave almost everything behind. Be a voice for change for Lilias, Obada, Jubaida and Rhoda.

Hear their stories

After Lilias’ father was killed by rebels in South Sudan, she made the difficult decision to leave her mother behind and lead her four younger siblings to safety in Uganda. They live at Bidi Bidi refugee settlement, and Lilias, 17, hopes she can work for National Geographic one day.
Meet Lilias.

15-year-old Obada was just 10 when he fled conflict in Syria. He hardly remembers his life there – but he does remember the terrifying 20-hour journey. Now he spends his days playing soccer with friends at Za’atari refugee camp in Jordan, dreaming of playing for Syria.
Meet Obada.

Jubaida is 11 years old and dreams of being a teacher. But she was forced to flee her home after violence broke out in Myanmar. Now living in a refugee camp in Bangladesh, Jubaida misses her grandparents and wishes she could have brought her pets with her.
Meet Jubaida.

After her home was destroyed, Rhoda,12, fled her village in South Sudan. Unable to cross a border, her family took a cargo flight carrying aid to Juba, the capital city. They now live there – at a camp for displaced people. Rhoda studies hard; she wants to be a doctor.
Meet Rhoda.

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Whether you’re a teacher, team leader, or flying solo for the challenge, check out the great tips and tricks that will help take your 40HF Backpack Challenge campaign to the next level. Whether you need to recruit team members, kick-start your fundraising, or prepare for the challenge weekend – we’re here to help!

And be sure to watch the videos featuring Lilias, Obada, Jubaida and Rhoda to learn more about their stories of being forced to flee. You’ll see that, despite all they’ve been through, these four young people still have hopes and dreams, just like us.

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